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A Brief History

  Shaolin Do is a collection of over 100 styles which decended from the Shaolin Temple system in China, passed down from master to student and from generation to generation. Shaolin Do, or "The way of Shaolin," traces its lineage to the Fukien Temple in Southern China. Even with the destruction of the temple around 1870, the Shaolin spirit lives on though its decendent art, Shaolin Do. The current Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' is the third generation of t he Fukien Temple 

Master George

Tournaments and seminars offer students fun and challenge as they learn and test new skills and earn the repect of their colleagues

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Shaolin Do School of Martial Arts ~serving San Marcos since 1995. If you have made a choice to accomplish a goal of becoming a Martial Artist, get in shape, learn self defense, or just have fun while you exercise we can help. You have nothing to lose by trying out a class or two. Our classes are self paced and we have two certified Martial Arts Teachers to help guide you to your goal.  Shaolin Kung Fu is an approach to life that is renewing; challenging the mind, body, and spirit to grow in a healthy direction though thought, exercise, and meditation.

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Now enrolling for Summer 2018! 15% off all new three month enrollments.


Monday: Kids 6-6:45PM Adults 7-8:30 PM   Wednesday:Kids 6-6:45PM Adults 7-8:30PM   

Friday: Tai Chi 7-8:30 PM

Promotional Discounts

Military Veterens and Texas State students 10% discount on all Tree month, six month and year enrollments.

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This Sunday 11-1, Yarned and Dangerous Fundraising Seminar 1-2:30   June 8th FREE Movie Night at the North School on the Big Indoor Screen - Buckaroo Bonzai   June 18-22nd First Summer Kids Camp for the North School.   July 15th Women's Empowerment Retreat 11-5 with Master Sheryl at the North School

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Shaolin Do School of Martial Arts

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Master George Lingenfelter

is  a 5th Degree Black Belt and one of the hardest working students at  Shaolin-Do.  His dedication and training make him a formidable fighter,  while his easy going attitude makes personal instruction easy and  fun.

Sifu Terence Ziskowski

  is  a 4th Degree Black Belt in Shaolin-Do.  Shaolin-Do training has  given him great fighting skill with an indomitable spirit.  He's a great  Teacher; knowledgeable, and patient.  His work is also critical in  keeping the business portion of Shaolin-Do San Marcos alive.